With no shortage of waves, the warmer waters, consistency and reputation of the east coast make this region the hub of Australia's surfing scene and the place to hunt for waves. The only downside is actually catching a wave here, as these waters tend to be overcrowded.

Victoria is a surfer's dream come true with world-renowned Bell's Beach, the point break of which, called the Bowl, is a must and works best in north-west or westerly winds. Other popular breaks include Southside, Centreside, Rincon, Boobs and the popular location of Winki Pop, known to work better under more diverse conditions than other nearby waves.

Superbank stretches from Snapper Rocks Point on the border of Queensland and New South Wales, through Rainbow Beach, the old Greenmount Headland, Coolangatta Beach, and Kirra, for around 3.2 miles (2km) and is a recognised and well-frequented break. Curl Curl, colloquially known as Curly, is renowned for some of the best surfing in New South Wales, together with the popular and overcrowded Bondi Beach and Avalon Beach.

Western Australia offers Margaret River, the place where four times world champion Mark Richards experienced his first junior win in 1973, and close by is the notorious exposed right-hand reef break, The Box. Heavy, but amazing, this is the most consistent break on the west coast and works best on easterly offshore winds with south-west swell. At Gnaraloo, Tombstones is a heavy barrelling left-hander that is best surfed from August through February and definitely not for the faint-hearted.

The south west coast has some excellent offerings with fewer surfers to contend with, although the waves are heavy and the water cold and sharky, while Shipsterns and Clifton Beach just off the coast of Tasmania boast some gnarly waves too.

Dedicated surfers should take a road trip to discover the many secret spots found along this vast stretch of coastline while beginners can enjoy an unforgettable surf experience at the Mojo Surf Camp at Coffs Harbour just south of Brisbane, one of many on offer.