Beijing International

Beijing Capital International Airport (PEK)


Beijing Capital International Airport (PEK) is one of the world's largest and busiest airports, and the major gateway to the most-visited country in Asia. The airport used to be slightly drab, but it was revamped and upgraded for the Beijing Summer Olympics in 2008 and is now a world-class international hub. Beijing Airport has three terminals, all of which have a top-quality selection of shopping, food and beverage options. Passengers transiting through Beijing International are certain to notice the beauty of the airport. As with much traditional Chinese architecture, the art of feng shui is employed to imbue the building with good luck and positive energy. Travellers should try to book a window seat for their flight into Beijing, as the view of the ring-roads encircling Tiananmen Square is breath-taking.


The airport is situated 20 miles (32km) northeast of Beijing.

Getting to the city

Shuttle buses run regularly (about every 45 minutes) to the city centre, Beijing Railway Station and major hotels. Metered taxis are also available, but it is recommended that passengers have their destination written in Chinese to avoid confusion.


Local time is GMT +8.

Car rental

Car rental is available.

Airport Taxis

Taxis are metered and tips are not expected. Any road tolls and bridge tolls will be expected to be paid for by the passenger. Avoid taxi drivers that approach customers and instead wait in the taxi line and insist on using the meter.

Transfer between terminals

A shuttle bus service runs between the terminals.


There are several bureaux de change, a bank and ATMs, telephones, tourist information, numerous shops and duty free shopping, and a business centre. A food corridor provides a range of eating and drinking options, while an entertainment centre offers everything from films to Chinese massage.


The parking garage is located close to Terminal 3, and is connected to the terminal building by means of an underground walkway. There is also an airport subway linking the parking garage to the terminals. Parking is free for the first 30 minutes; and thereafter, RMB 6 for the first hour, and RMB 5 for every subsequent 30 minutes. The maximum daily charge is RMB 80 for the first day.




Free wifi is available in five-hour sessions throughout the airport, but requires registration, either via sms with a mobile phone or by scanning your passport into the airport's system. Keep in mind that many sites are blocked, as internet access in China has extensive firewall restrictions.

Business Lounges

VIP Lounges located throughout the airport have telephones, internet access, printing, faxing, and other business facilities. The airport also has a business centre, offering internet access, as well as computer and fax facilities. Conference facilities are available at the airport, as well as at the nearby Beijing Airport Garden Hotel.

Beijing International Taxis: the taxi fares above are intended as a guideline only.