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Malabo International Airport

Saint Isabel International Airport (SSG)


Although merely a tin-roofed shack until the discovery of oil in the mid-1990s, the international airport just outside Malabo now caters to a steady stream of foreign visitors, mostly drawn by the petroleum business and conservation projects. It is the main airport of the country but it is a simple and small airport with limited facilities and the passport control officials are notoriously strict with foreigners. It is difficult to fly to destinations in Equatorial Guinea apart from Malabo and Bata as the local operators are considered unreliable and some governments warn visitors not to use them as they are unsafe.


The airport is situated five miles (8km) west of Malabo.

Getting to the city

The safest and most common option for transport from the airport is to arrange a shuttle or taxi in advance through a hotel, organisation or other host.


Local time us GMT +1.

Car rental

Car rental is available at the airport; hiring a driver with the car is recommended as driving in Malabo can be a difficult experience due to poor road conditions and many police check points.

Airport Taxis

Taxis are generally available at the airport, but travellers should be cautious when choosing them and agree on a fare before departure.


Visitors should anticipate limited and basic services and facilities at the airport.


Parking is available at the airport.


Malabo International Airport Taxis: the taxi fares above are intended as a guideline only.