Damascus International Airport

Damascus International Airport (DAM)


The airport is situated 18 miles (29km) from the centre of Damascus.

Getting to the city

Airport buses travel to and from Baramkeh bus station; the fare starts from about SYP70, including luggage charge.


GMT +2 (GMT +3 from March to October).


Tel: +963 (0)11 444 3400/9.

Airport Taxis

A trip into the city centre is about 30 minutes and is considered quite expensive. Negotiate and agree of the fare before departure as taxis are unmetered. Fares double after midnight.


Facilities include duty-free and souvenir shops, restaurants, a coffee shop and an internet café. There is a bank in the arrivals hall, as well as an ATM, one of the few reliable terminals in Syria.

Damascus International Airport Taxis: the taxi fares above are intended as a guideline only.