Bulawayo Airport

Joshua Mqabuko Nkomo International Airport (BUQ)


Bulawayo Airport, which recently underwent renovations, is officially named the Joshua Mqabuko Nkomo International Airport after Joshua Nkomo, the late founder of the Zimbabwe African People's Union. Bulawayo Airport is a small airport with just two runways and just two commercial airlines offering flights in and out. Air Zimbabwe has flights to Harare, Johannesburg and Victoria Falls, while South African Airways offers flights to and from Johannesburg only.


The airport is about six miles (10km) north of central Bulawayo.

Getting to the city

There are no bus or train services from Bulawayo Airport but you can take a taxi or rent a car to get into town.


Local time is GMT +2.

Car rental

Car rental companies at Bulawayo Airport include Avis and Europcar.

Transfer between terminals

This is a small airport with just one terminal.


Bulawayo Airport has ATMs, a bureau de change, and a number of restaurants. The airport has recently undergone renovations.


There is extensive parking at the airport.

Departure Tax

International flights: US$35 departure tax + US$15 AIDEF (total of US$50). Local flights: US$10 departure tax + US$5 AIDEF (total of US$15).


Only two airlines have flights to Bulawayo Airport: Air Zimbabwe and South African Airlines.

Bulawayo Airport Taxis: the taxi fares above are intended as a guideline only.