Yad VaShem

This vital memorial to the Holocaust provides a multifaceted tribute to the millions of Jews who died during World War II. The focus of the museum is to commemorate and document the events of the Holocaust and provide ongoing research and education. The Museum's archive collection is the world's largest and most comprehensive collection of Holocaust material, containing documents, photographs, films and videotaped testimonies of survivors. These can be read and viewed in the allocated rooms, and doing so is an emotional, sobering experience.

An inspiring tribute to the victims is The Hall of Names, where the names of the six million Holocaust victims are displayed. Symbolic gravestones are created from the 'Pages of Testimony', records of the biographical details of the millions deceased. Yad Vashem's library contains an impressive collection of material in many languages. The Historical Museum chronicles the history of the Holocaust, from the implementation of the Nazi's anti-Jewish policies to the mass murder of the concentration camps. The display includes photographs, artefacts, documents and audio-visual material. An important collection of Holocaust art is also displayed in Yad Vashem's Art Museum.

The International School for Holocaust Studies and Holocaust Research provides education and ongoing research on the Holocaust at both national and international levels. Other facets of the Yad Vashem experience include the Righteous Among the Nations exhibition, honouring the non-Jews who risked their lives during the Holocaust to save Jews; and the Encyclopedia of Communities, which records the historical-geographical communities of Jews destroyed or damaged during the Nazi regime.

Children under 10 are not permitted, and visitors should be aware that some may find the experience distressing.

Address: Har Hazikaron

Website: www.yadvashem.org

Transport: By bus to Mt. Herzl, on Herzl Boulevard