Hong Kong Police Museum

The Hong Kong Police Museum showcases a display tracing the development and history of the Royal Hong Kong Police Force from 1844 to today. The main exhibit encompasses a significant number of artefacts relating to the Hong Kong Police Force from uniforms and firearms, to historical archives and photographs. Other exhibits look at the major factions which have influenced the status quo, namely the triad societies and narcotics (Hong Kong was founded on the narcotics trade), including a unique look at how heroin is produced. The Police Museum is an interesting visit, which provides insight into the dedication of the officers who served within this elite force. It is a small but informative museum with a little gift shop attached. It is not an interactive, multi-media exhibit so much as a simple but interesting archive of police history which will delight those interested in the subject but probably bore small children or those indifferent to the subject. Although the museum was recently undergoing renovations it is now open to the public once again. There is a pleasant park next door to the museum where you can enjoy some shade and refreshments.

Address: 27 Coombe Road, The Peak, Hong Kong

Telephone: 2849 7019

Transport: Take NWFB Bus No. 15 (from Exchange Square to the Peak). Get off at the stop between Stubbs Road and Peak Road.

Opening times: Wednesday to Sunday 9am-5pm; Tuesday 2pm-5pm. Closed Mondays and public holidays.

Admission: Free