Kentucky Derby Museum

Even those who are not horse-racing fans can experience the thrill of the sport at the museum and through tours offered at Churchill Downs, one of the world's oldest (established in 1874) and most famous tracks, which hosts the annual renowned Kentucky Derby.

The Museum contains exhibits that bring the pageantry and excitement of the Derby to life, including high-tech computerised hands-on displays and video graphics. A video entitled 'The Greatest Race' is shown on a 360-degree screen every half hour from 9am to 4:30pm (from 12:30pm on Sundays). Museum tour guides take groups of visitors to see the Churchill Downs' stable and infield areas, as well as through the historic Edwardian grandstand, finish line and winners' circle.

Address: 704 Central Avenue

Website: www.derbymuseum.org

Telephone: (502) 637-7097

Opening times: Monday to Saturday 9am-5pm (opens 8am from 15 March to November), Sunday 11am-5pm.

Admission: $14 adults, $6 children 5-12. Other concessions available.