El Tatio Geysers

At an altitude of 13,760 feet (4,300m), El Tatio is one of the world's highest geyser fields, and possibly the hottest. Surrounded by volcanoes and fed by 80 geysers and hundreds of gassy fumaroles the geyser fields are best viewed at sunrise when there are changes in atmospheric pressure; the steaming fumaroles are particularly spectacular at this time, shooting up clouds of steam 35 feet (112m) into the air.

Mineral deposits left behind after the evaporation of the boiling water have formed other interesting structures on the thin crust of the geyser field. It is possible to bathe in the hot geyser water in a small pool, however parts of the field are very dangerous with only a thin crust over nearly boiling mud so it is always a good idea to visit the geysers with a knowledgeable guide. This is a glorious attraction for photographers as the steam and the odd landscape make for dramatic pictures. The geysers are not great for anybody who has respiratory issues though, so visitors with breathing problems should proceed with caution. Also, be sure to wear layers because although the pre-dawn temperatures are freezing, it is much warmer at the geysers.

Transport: 4WD tours leave from San Pedro de Atacama

Opening times: Tours depart at 4am to ensure arrival by sunrise.