Ethan Allen Homestead and Museum

Ethan Allen's Homestead © Doc Searls
Ethan Allen's Homestead © Doc Searls

One of Burlington's earliest inhabitants, Ethan Allen, was a charismatic backwoodsman-turned-statesman originally from Connecticut. In capturing Fort Ticonderoga during the Revolutionary War, and as the leader of the Green Mountain Boys militia, he secured his position as a folk hero and founder of Vermont.

A man of many talents, Allen was also a philosopher and Deist, publishing Reason the Only Oracle of Man. Interestingly, Ethan Allen's brother Ira was the founder of the University of Vermont in 1791.

Visitors to the homestead can wander through the faithfully restored 18th-century home, see some interesting exhibits and access the beautiful grounds. The house itself is a small frame house built in the Cape Cod style, that has existed for many years in complete obscurity.

More recently, much research has been done on both the house and Ethan Allen himself, and the house has been added to the list of Burlington landmarks by the Burlington Historic Sites Board. In addition to historical interest, the house's grounds provide lovely trails for hiking and picnicking.

Address: 1 Ethan Allen Homestead

Website: www.ethanallenhomestead.org

Telephone: (802) 865 4556

Opening times: Open daily 10am-4pm.

Admission: $10 adults, free for children.