Deadwood, South Dakota grew into a mythical Wild West town in the 1800s, when gold was discovered in the Black Hills. It quickly became home to a colourful cast of prospectors, gunslingers and gamblers. Today, the brick-paved streets, frontier architecture and turn-of-the-century streetlamps have been carefully restored.

The entire town has been designated a National Historic Landmark. Visitors can relax in a historic hotel on Main Street, have a drink at the local saloon, try their luck in one of 80 historic gaming halls, pan for gold at the Broken Boot Mine and climb to the Mount Moriah Cemetery to visit the graves of notorious Old West legends like Wild Bill Hickok and Calamity Jane and enjoy a breathtaking view of the hills.

There are several historical museums in town, including the Adams Museum and the Days of '76 Museum. Deadwood's notorious reputation inspired the hit television series Deadwood, which takes place during the town's early rough and tumble days.

Address: Western South Dakota, about one hour’s drive from Rapid City

Website: www.deadwood.org

Telephone: (800) 999-1876