National Gallery of Art and Caracas Museum of Fine Art

Situated in an area popularly known as the Plaza de los Museos, the National Gallery of Art and Caracas Museum of Fine Art are two fascinating cultural institutions that showcase a rich collection of Venezuelan, Latin American and international art. With a permanent collection spanning four centuries of Venezuelan art, the National Gallery has over 4000 indigenous artworks including aboriginal art from the pre-Hispanic period, the portrait painters of the colonial period and the initiators of the abstractionism art movement from the 1960s. A museum of international art, with an emphasis on Latin American art, the Caracas Museum of Fine Art houses fine artworks from the likes of Diego Rivera, Armando Reveron and Joaquín Torres García. With some of the most colourful, expressionist and unconventional artworks in the world, a trip to the National Gallery and Caracas Museum of Fine Art is a visual indulgence. Not to be missed are their respective gift shops, which boast a stunning collection of indigenous crafts, jewellery and high-end artworks at an affordable price.

Address: Plaza de los Museos, Parque Los Caobos

Telephone: 578 1818

Opening times: National Gallery: Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm and 10am to 5pm on weekends. Caracas Museum of Fine Arts: Tuesday to Sunday, 9am to 12pm and 2pm to 5pm

Admission: Free