Caracas Aerial Tramway

Ascending 1,000 metres, leaving the hustle and bustle of Caracas behind, the Avila Cable Car leisurely takes visitors up the lush green slopes of Avila Mountain, affording spectacular views of the Caribbean Sea and the sprawling cityscape. The 15-minute ride takes visitors to the summit of Mount Avila at 6889 feet (2100 metres), blessed with evergreen rainforest vegetation and mostly undeveloped natural beauty, as it's protected by El Avila National Park. A great hub of entertainment, the Avila Magica Park, at the access point of the Cable Car, is ideal for kids and families as it boasts an ice rink, live shows, restaurants and walkways. Lookout for Humboldt Hotel at the summit, don't forget a sweater or light jacket as the weather is usually cooler and keep to the paths as Avila Mountain is a fragile conservation area.

Address: Avila Magica

Telephone: 901 5555

Opening times: Daily 10am to 8pm

Admission: Bs. 20,000