Marin Drzic's House

Croatia's literary genius, Marin Drzic, has been immortalised by turning his Dubrovnik home into a museum which introduces visitors to the writer with a 40-minute presentation on his life and work. Drzic was born in Dubrovnik, probably in 1508, and he was a popular playwright, entertainer and even musician. The house itself has been restored the the 16th-century Renaissance period that Drzic lived in and you can see what his room may have looked like, a 16th century stage set featuring some of his famous characters, and an interesting, narrow, lecture hall. The Marin Drzic House is more than just a memorial, it is a theatrical museum and exhibition space; the museum collects theatrical material for study and further dissemination and it is the only institution of its kind in Croatia. The museum has a collection of posters, programmes and photographs from performances of Drzic plays all over the world. The presentation is also a good introduction for visitors to the history and culture of Dubrovnik itself.

Address: Siroka ulica 7

Website: mdc.hr/dubrovnik/eng/marindrzic/index.html

Telephone: (0)20 420 490

Opening times: 9am to 1pm, closed Sundays. The presentation is shown to groups of 15 at a time.

Admission: HRK 20 (adults); HRK 10 (students and children)