Beijing Aquarium

Located within the Beijing Zoo, the Beijing Aquarium is the world's largest inland aquarium. It's an absolute must see for visitors with features such as an imaginative Amazon rainforest, complete with piranhas and pandas, as well as an exquisite shark aquarium where the very brave can plunge into the tank with these infamous predators. Other attractions include whales and a number of rare or endangered fish. Families flock to see the dolphin shows at 11am and 3pm but, although these displays are a consistent favorite with kids, they are conducted in Chinese. A boat from the canal south of the aquarium runs to the Summer Palace, giving visitors the opportunity to sightsee while en route to the attraction. The Beijing Aquarium offers a great mix of entertainment and education and is the perfect departure from more traditional cultural and historical tourism. For those travelling with children in Beijing, the aquarium is sure to delight the whole family. The fact that it is wonderful no matter what the weather also makes it a useful venue to have on the travel itinerary.

Address: 18 Gaoliangqiao Byway, Haidian District.

Website: www.bj-sea.com

Telephone: (0)10 6217 6655

Transport: Bus 4 (from Qianmen)

Opening times: 9am-5:30pm (October to May); 9am-6pm (June to September).

Admission: CNY120 adults, CNY60 children.