Ratanga Junction

Cape Town's most famous theme park, Ratanga Junction is a must for all those up for a thrilling day out in the sun with plenty of rides and activities to keep even the most active of children occupied. The park features gift shops and a food hall for weary riders, or those just looking to rest their legs for a while. There are almost constant shows on the food court stage to entertain youngsters (magicians, animal shows and the like). The most popular ride by far is the Cobra, a snake like rollercoaster ride that flips the occupants round 360 degrees. Other favourites include Monkey Falls - a water log ride which sees passengers drop down big waterfalls - and several smaller rollercoasters. There are plenty of mellow rides designed for small children who aren't ready for the adrenalin-pumping stuff, but adults will be thrilled with the quality of rides they can enjoy. Almost all of the rides are included in the entry cost, with the exception of things like the Slingshot, which carry individual charges. Parents who are not interested in participating can get a non-rider ticket which costs substantially less. There are plenty of snack kiosks dotted around the grounds. The queues can get frustratingly long so it is best to go on week days if possible.

Address: Century City on the N1 highway

E-mail: info@ratanga.co.za

Website: www.ratanga.co.za

Telephone: 021 550 8504

Opening times: Open 10am to 5pm. Operational dates vary according to season, detailed schedules are available on the website.

Admission: R162 (adult Adventurer Rider); R80 (child Adventure Rider). Adult/child status determined by height.