The glass-encased theme park of Adventuredome is the perfect attraction for thrill-seeking kids on holiday in Las Vegas - its loop roller-coaster and other gut-wrenching rides are not to be missed! If this adrenalin rush is a bit too excessive, there are also shows by magicians and jugglers on offer, as well as plenty of decadent treats like ice-cream, popcorn and candy. There are rides and activities designed for younger kids who may not be old enough to ride the main attractions - the whole family should find something to enjoy! The fact that the theme park is indoors is an extra bonus, protecting visitors from the sometimes inhospitable Nevada climate.

Address: Circus Circus Hotel, 2880 South Las Vegas Boulevard

Website: www.adventuredome.com

Telephone: (702) 794 3939

Opening times: Monday to Thursday 11am-6pm; Friday to Saturday 11am-midnight; Sunday 10am-9pm. Opening times may vary according to season and it is best to check the calendar on the website.

Admission: Day pass $29.95 adult, $16.95 child. It is possible to pay for rides individually instead of getting a pass.