Copenhagen Zoo

Founded in 1859, the Copenhagen Zoo is one of the oldest in Europe and features an amazing selection of animals from all over the world. Some of the zoo's most popular features include the Elephant House, designed by renowned architect Norman Foster, the Tasmanian Devils, not found in any other zoo outside of Australia, the polar bear enclosure, the lion den and countless others. Notable animals in the 27 acre (11 hectare) park include tigers, red pandas, hippos, yaks and camels. The animals seem genuinely well cared for and the habitat design is impressive; this is not one of those zoos where you feel sad for the animals. The staff are famous for their care for their animals and are usually willing to chat to visitors about the animals. Visitors are invited to view feeding and training sessions; check the website for details on when these events occur. Copenhagen Zoo is a joy for the whole family and it is worth putting aside at least half a day to enjoy its numerous attractions.

Address: Roskildevej 38

E-mail: zoo@zoo.dk

Website: www.zoo.dk

Telephone: 7220 0200

Opening times: Open daily: November to May: 10am to 4pm; June to October 10am to 6pm. Check the website for specific opening hours as they vary almost monthly - these hours are a guideline only.

Admission: November to February DKK 50 (children), DKK 110 (adults); March to October DKK 80 (children), DKK 140 (adults).