Museo del Banco Central

One of the few sights in the New City is the round-walled Casa de la Cultura. It houses a theatre, a cinema and two museums, the most impressive being the Museo del Banco Central. Ecuador's premiere museum, it contains an astonishing collection of religious art, Columbian ceramics and pre-Hispanic gold, and a huge archaeological repertoire. Of interest are the ceramics of the La Tolita society (600 BC to 400 AD), the Gigantes de Bahía, the Sala de Oro (an exhibiton filled with gold), and the Sala de Arte Colonial, packed with religious paintings and sculpture.

Address: Ave Patria, between 6 de Diciembre and 12 de Octubre

Website: www.museos-ecuador.com

Telephone: (0)2 222 3259

Opening times: Open Tuesday to Friday from 9am to 5pm, and on Saturday and Sunday from 10am to 4pm

Admission: $2