Discovery Sphere Planetarium

Planets © Matt Hendrick
Planets © Matt Hendrick

If ever the weather sets back your plans to stroll around palatial gardens, a visit to this kid friendly space museum is a great alternative for a half day activity. In a true space odyssey, kids can marvel at the wonders of the universe projected onto the walls of the Discovery Sphere Planetarium.

They will be amazed at the night sky as it reveals infinite stars and the fascinating Milky Way. All the children's space questions will be answered by the planetarium's friendly on-site specialists, or the latest digital animation systems.

Address: Rahmi M. Koç Müzesi Hasköy Cad. No: 5 Hasköy.

E-mail: info@rmk-museum.org.tr

Website: www.rmk-museum.org.tr/en/

Telephone: +90 212 369 66 00

Transport: Bus routes: 47 Eminönü – YeÅŸilpınar; 47E Eminönü – Binevler; 47Ç Eminönü – Güzeltepe; 47N Eminönü – Nur Sitesi; 54HT Hasköy – Taksim – Mecidiyeköy; 54HÅž Hasköy – ÅžiÅŸli – Taksim; 36T Taksim – Cebeci.

Opening times: Tuesday to Friday: 10am-5pm. Weekends: 10am-7pm on weekends (the museum closes an hour earlier in winter, on weekends). Closed on Mondays.

Admission: YTL 16 (adult), YTL 7 (Student).