Traffic Rules Playground Prosek

The modern Dopravni Hriste (Traffic Rules Playground) is an exciting attraction for kids in Prague. The playground features mini roads, with traffic lights, stop streets, zebra crossings and even a small gas station, which can be explored on bikes and automated scooters or in fun, child-size cars. If you have kids too young to enjoy the bikes and cars then there are also some nice playing areas for them. This playground offers a great learning experience for kids of all ages, and is the perfect place to let them run off some steam on a nice day sightseeing in the city. There is also a lovely cafe on the premises where parents can relax and watch the fun while sipping on hot drinks or having light meals. The playground is situated outside of the main tourist areas in Prague, in the suburb of Prosek, but it is well worth a visit and shouldn't be hard to locate with a GPS or map. In fact, it can be nice to escape the touristy areas and see some of Prague's suburbs to get an idea of how families live in the city.

Address: Litvinovska 500, Prosek, Prague 9

Opening times: Monday to Friday; 10am to 7pm (June to August), 1pm to 6pm (April, May, September and October)

Admission: CZK 10 for an adult with a child