Ancient Theatre of Fourvière

The ancient theatre in Lyon is the oldest in France, dating back to the year 17 BC. Built by the Emperor Augustus, it was originally used for theatre, pageants, musical shows, and poetry competitions. There are actually two theatres on the site: the massive Grand Theatre, which could seat 10,000 people; and the smaller Odeon below it on the hillside, which once seated 3,500 people and was used for more intimate performances like poetry readings. While much of its rich decorations are gone, decorated floors of inlaid marble and porphyry are still visible and the state of preservation of the place in general is astounding. Now it is primarily a tourist site, but the Nuits de Fourvière festival is held there every year. Nearby you can also see the ruins of a temple dedicated to the goddess Cybele, as well as some burial sites and an ancient Roman aqueduct. To really explore the site you will have to do a fair bit of walking and climbing so be sure to wear comfy shoes and bring a water bottle. The Ancient Theatre of Fourviere is beautifully situated and you will get some great photo opportunities.

Address: 6 rue de l'Antiquaille, Montée de Fourvière

Opening times: Daily 7am-7pm

Admission: Free