Mississippi Museum of Natural Science

The Mississippi Museum of Natural Science was founded in 1932 by Francis Cook, and to this day, remains the Magnolia State's largest museum. A passionate student of Mississippi's natural resources, Cook's vision was to establish a museum that would focus on the promotion and protection of the state's natural landscape.

In LeFleur's Bluff State Park, he chose an ideal setting for such a project - and today, the museum grounds feature a 73,000 square foot complex overlooking a 300-acre natural landscape, 2.5 miles (about 4km) of nature trails, an open-air amphitheatre, a series of life-size displays of the state's diverse habitats, a 100,000-gallon aquarium network housing more than 200 living species, and a 1,700 square foot greenhouse.

When one visits the museum, it is obvious to see that Cook's conservancy ideals have been faithfully followed over the last 80 or so years; and the museum's astonishing collection of more than a million specimens of fish, reptiles, amphibians, birds, mammals, invertebrates, plants, and fossils, is nothing less than a living, breathing monument to biodiversity conservation.

Address: 2148 Riverside Drive, Jackson

Website: www.msnaturalscience.org

Telephone: (601) 354-7303

Opening times: Open Monday to Friday 8am-5pm; Saturday 9am-5pm; Sunday 1pm-5pm.

Admission: $6 adults, $4 children 3-18. Other concessions available.