Cafesjian Center for the Arts

Yerevan's Cascade Complex - an enormous white stairwell built into the hillside, replete with flowing water fountains to mimic a natural cascade - links Yerevan's CBD with the Monument Neighbourhood at the top of the hill, and is an important cultural hub in Armenia's capital city. The awe-inspiring structure is not only ideal photo fodder, but also plays host to a variety of free cultural events that operate year-round, from music concerts, to art exhibitions, and more. The Cascade Complex is a wonderful place to walk, jog or bike around, while soaking up magnificent views of Mount Ararat and Yerevan's city centre.

Housing the Cafesjian Center for the Arts, the Cascade Complex was completed in 2009 and houses some excellent collections of art and cultural artefacts. Several impressive sculptures dot the gardens as well, including Barry Flanagan's Hare on Bell, and Fernando Botero's Roman Warrior. The complex hosts live music and other events on a regular basis, including family and educational programmes. There is also a gift shop selling handmade Armenian crafts and souvenirs.

Address: Tamanyan Street, Yerevan

Website: www.cmf.am