Natural Pool

Also known as 'Conchi' or 'Cura di Tortuga', Aruba's Natural Pool is a must-see tourist attraction. Formed from a depression in the surrounding volcanic rock, and filled by the spray of the tide smashing into the deserted coastline below, the Natural Pool is a unique geological formation, and a tranquil place to spend the day swimming in communion with the natural world. The pool is situated in the heart of Aruba's most rugged terrain, and is inaccessible by car; however, visitors can hire or charter a Jeep to take them there, or hike there, or (most romantic of all) get there on horseback. The sense of discovery, in 'finding' the Natural Pool in the midst of the rocky, almost lunar landscape, is second-to-none. Take note, though, that the rocks around the pool can be sharp and are also slippery because of the spray, so it is a good idea to wear shows when clambering over the rocks. There are also often little crabs crawling all over the rocks. Visitors are strongly advised to get in touch with island legend Madi, who runs successful guided tours to Conchi from the comfort of her Jeep.

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