St Vitus Cathedral

Situated within the Castle Complex, the spires of St Vitus Cathedral, an elegant but domineering French Gothic structure, soar above the ramparts. It is the county's largest church, and contains numerous side chapels, frescoes, tombstones and beautiful stained glass windows. It literally sparkles with all the finery inside. The most ornate chapel contains the tomb of St Wenceslas, the 'Good King Wenceslas' of the Christmas carol, which has become something of a pilgrimage site. The Coronation Chamber houses the Bohemian Crown Jewels and the crypt is where most of the kings and queens of Bohemia have their final place of rest. The southern entrance to the cathedral, the Golden Gate, is decorated with a richly gilded coloured mosaic representing the Last Judgement which dates from 1370. The Last Judgement mosaic is one of the artistic treasures found in the Castle District and it is a very impressive work. It is possible to climb the 287 steps of the Cathedral's tower for magnificent views over the city. St Vitus Cathedral is an un-missable Prague attraction.

Address: Castle District

Website: www.hrad.cz/en/prague-castle/guidepost-for-visitors/st-vitus-cathedral.shtml

Transport: Tram 22 or 23 to Prazsky Hrad

Admission: Entrance is free. Small amounts are charged for entry to some areas.