Jungle Cat World Wildlife Park

Just 45 minutes east of Toronto on Highway 115, Jungle Cat World Wildlife Park is one of Ontario's most popular tourist attractions. The Park is home to a diverse collection of mammals, such as wolves, skunks, lemurs and chimpanzees - though it is the collection of big cats that truly makes the park special. When it opened in 1983, the purpose of the Park was primarily recreational; however, in latter days, Jungle Cat World has taken on a more pronounced environmental education role. Housing rare and endangered cats, such as snow leopards and Siberian tigers, the park runs a variety of fun, kid-friendly programs, designed to further the ends of wildlife conservancy, by educating visitors about the dire need to protect the lives and habitats of the magnificent animals on display. Be sure not to miss the Park's Feeding Tour, which occurs at 1.30pm daily.

Address: 3667 Concession Road 6, Orono

Website: www.junglecatworld.com

Telephone: (905) 983 5016

Opening times: Open daily, from 10am to 5pm

Admission: C$15 (adults), C$10 (teens and seniors), C$7.50 (children)