Palazzo Tursi

Formerly Genoa's City Hall, the Palazzo Tursi is the largest and most majestic of all the magnificent buildings on the Via Garibaldi. Built in 1565, the building is now a museum and houses unique artefacts like the violin of Nicolo Paganini, and ashes that are said to be the remains of Christopher Colombus. The museum also contains numerous decorative artworks, like tapestries, furniture and Ligurian ceramics, as well as historical artefacts like ancient coins and medical devices. The collection is varied and unexpected and although some may feel it lacks cohesion, others love the unusual nature of the exhibits. On sunny days, you can break from the museum's collections and just enjoy the beauty of the building's many-columned interior courtyard.

The museums along the lovely Via Garibaldi are known collectively as the 'Musei di Strada Nuova' and the individual buildings are the Palazzo Bianco, Palazzo Rosso and Palazzo Tursi. All the museums are worth a visit and you can buy a joint ticket valid for all three from the bookshop between Bianco and Tursi. There is a popular cafe at Palazzo Rosso if you feel the need to refuel between collections.

Address: 9 Via Garibaldi

Telephone: 010 557 111