Beirut Hippodrome

Exhibit  © american_rugbier
Exhibit © american_rugbier

The Beirut Hippodrome (or officially, the Hippodrome Du Parc De Beyrouth) comes highly recommended by visitors to Lebanon's capital city. Every Sunday, mingle with Beirut's elite as they gather for an afternoon at the horse-races; or - if you're lucky enough to be there during Spring - make sure you attend the annual Garden Show, which attracts crowds in excess of 25,000 every year.

The grounds of the Beirut Hippodrome - which remain the property of the city's municipality - are pristine, and are maintained by a non-profit organisation known as SPARCA (Society for the Protection and Improvement of the Arabian Horse in Lebanon). Head to the Beirut Hippodrome for a late Mezze lunch, and revel in the sight of the beautiful Arabian horses pounding their way around the track. There are also betting offices aplenty at the Hippodrome, for those who fancy a flutter.

Address: Abdallah El Yafi Street, Mathaf