Polish Poster Gallery

The Galeria Grafiki i Plakatu (Polish Poster Gallery), located in the splendid Old Town area of Warsaw, houses what is undoubtedly the finest collection of graphic art and posters in the country - and perhaps even in Eastern Europe. The Polish Poster Gallery was established in 1975, and now proudly exhibits over 5,000 posters and pieces of graphic art, many of which display some facet of Polish culture.

Visitors will see theatre, music and cinema posters as well as the pick of the lot, fantastic Polish Solidarity political posters, designed by greats such as Cieslewicz, Stasys, Gorowski and Sadowski. Although most of the art is Polish, the gallery also displays some iconic American, British, French, and German posters, among other nationalities, and tourists may be excited to see classics like West Side Story, Moby Dick or the original Polish poster for Dirty Dancing among the collection.

The posters have an iconic style and will delight graphic art fiends; the collection is also an interesting way to get to grips with Polish culture. Thankfully, as visitors tend to fall in love with some of the art, the museum has a great selection of prints for sale (about 2,000 different designs), and these make for fantastic souvenirs and gifts for friends and family back home.

Address: No. 23 Old Market Square, Warsaw Old Town

Website: www.poster.com.pl