Beaches in Oman

With a coastline stretching 1,060 miles (1,700km) along the Arabian Sea, it is unsurprising that Oman boasts a stunning array of sunny, swimmer-friendly beaches. As the Omani government seeks to promote tourism throughout the country, its beaches have become a focal-point for this exercise, with more and more fun beach activities - such as diving, kite-surfing and jet-skiing - being offered on its shores.

There has also been a huge spike in the development of luxury beach resorts up and down the Omani coastline, offering visitors an air-conditioned retreat from the blazing sun and sand. Some of Oman's best beaches include Qurum Beach, which is located in Muscat (below the Crowne Plaza Hotel) - a beach which is perfectly set up for family vacationers, featuring picnic areas and shady palm trees.

Qantab Beach, located a short drive from central Muscat, has an established local fishing trade, and tourists are strongly encouraged to take a trip out with one of the local fisherman to explore some of the area's sheltered coves and sea-caves. Finally, Marjan Beach features small coral reefs ideally suited to novice divers and snorkellers - and also boasts a lively nightlife, with several restaurants and hotels often frequented by expatriate workers in Oman.

Tourists don't need to worry unduly about the dress-code for Omani beaches - western swimwear is perfectly acceptable while you're on the beach, just make sure to cover up appropriately when you're on your way to and from your hotel or beach resort.