Giant's Causeway

The pride of Northern Ireland's tourist attractions, the Giant's Causeway is a must-see sight for visitors to the northern half of the Emerald Isle. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Giant's Causeway is a series of about 40,000 interlocking basalt columns, a wondrous geological feature caused by ancient volcanic eruptions along the Antrim coastline. The hexagonal columns, the tallest of which are about 39 feet (12m) high, were formed over 60 million years ago, and today, present visitors with a terrain that truly does look like it must've been the handiwork of superhuman beings. As you walk along the one mile (1.6km) causeway, you'll notice a few famous formations among the columns, that have been given names such as The Chimney Stacks, The Harp, The Organ and The Camel's Hump. Despite looking like a work of art, the Giant's Causeway is a completely natural landscape. An on-site Visitors' Centre is open every day of the year, and provides some interesting information about the origins and myths surrounding the unique landscape. The Giant's Causeway Visitor's Experience includes a multi-lingual audio guide and greatly enriches the visit to the Causeway, particularly for those travelling with kids.

Address: Antrim Coast

Website: www.nationaltrust.org.uk/giants-causeway/

Opening times: The Visitors' Centre is open daily throughout the year, usually opening at 9am and closing at either 4pm, 5pm or 6pm depending on the season.

Admission: Free admission to the Causeway. Visitor's Centre: £8.50 (adult), £4.25 (child); discounts for booking online via the official website.