Krk Island

The largest island in Croatia, Krk (pronounced kirk) is a haven of sparkling beaches and lovely holiday towns. Nicknamed the 'Golden Island', Krk is the nearest Croatian island to mainland Europe and has a laid-back Mediterranean atmosphere.

Getting to Krk from the mainland is made easy by a 4,500 foot (1.4km) bridge. Once there, visitors are spoiled for choice among the many small towns and villages. Krk Town is the largest and most popular for tourists with many restaurants, shops and bars in the attractive Old Town.

The best beaches in Krk are found in Baska, which boasts more than 30 beaches connected by a promenade. Though most are covered in pebbles, soft mats and chairs are available for hire. Other popular beach towns on Krk include Njivice and the sandy coastline of Klimno Bay, though many towns offer their own unique attractions. Vrbnik is home to vineyards that produce some of the best white wines in Croatia, while the August folk festival in Dobrinj draws crowds from all over the island.

Krk Island is popular for weekend excursions from Croatia; however, visitors can easily spend a week exploring the winding streets and hidden corners of the island. A paradise for summer watersports, diving, bird watching and hiking, there are many things to see and do on Krk for just about anyone.