Rose Hall

The Rose Hall Great House is one of Jamaica's most popular tourist attractions, particularly because of the Gothic horror legend surrounding the monstrous reign of the last mistress to live in the house. According to legend, stunningly beautiful Annie Palmer, known latterly as the 'White Witch of Rose Hall', was murdered in 1831, but not before she had rid herself of three husbands (allegedly by using voodoo magic). Annie herself was killed during a slave uprising on the estate, brought about by her battle with a slave girl for the love of the estate supervisor. The house, originally built in 1780, was abandoned after her death, but has now been restored. A gift shop and pub are in operation in the dungeon, where the white witch is said to have imprisoned and tortured slave victims. Of course, Annie's ghost is said to haunt the plantation to this day, and a tomb on the grounds is said to be hers. Investigation into the ghost story suggests that Annie Palmer is fictional, as there never was a mistress of Rose Hall by that name, but the story endures powerfully in the local imagination and makes exploring this wonderful house quite spooky. Candlelit night tours of the estate are also now available.

Address: Rose Hall Highway

Telephone: 953 2323

Opening times: Guided tours run throughout the day, between 9am and 5.15pm daily

Admission: US$15 (adults), US$10 (children under 12)