Montego Bay Marine Park

The Montego Bay Marine Park is a large area of sea and shore located adjacent to the city of Montego Bay, proclaimed to protect some of Jamaica's best coral reefs and marine resources. The park is open to all, but has been divided into zones where different activities (for example various watersports and fishing) are allowed or restricted to conserve the resources. The park's resource centre is found at Pier One Marina on the waterfront in downtown Montego Bay, and provides information about park use and tours, as well as ecological presentations and use of a comprehensive reference library. Private operators also run undersea submersible tours of the reefs. The marine park offers some wonderful scuba diving and snorkelling opportunities. Lionfish, which are very venomous creatures, have become common in the park and although they are beautiful visitors are warned not to touch them as contact with the poisonous spines is painful and in rare cases can cause convulsions or paralysis. A really fun way to explore a bit of the park is to swim/snorkel out from Doctor's Cave Beach or Sunset Beach. This should only be attempted by experienced swimmers though, and you should either have a diver's flag with you or a bright life vest.

Address: Marine Park Resource Centre and Headquarters, Pier One, Howard Cooke Blvd

E-mail: contact@mbmp.org

Website: www.mbmp.org

Telephone: 952 5619

Admission: Free