A cottage located on the cliff above Port Maria, 20 miles (32km) east of Ocho Rios, Firefly was the holiday retreat of famed British playwright and composer Sir Noel Coward. Although primarily known as a playwright, Coward was also an actor, singer, director, screenplay writer and general wit who was as much loved for his flamboyant personality as for his massive outpouring of work. Coward died in 1973 and the house is now a national monument which has been preserved almost exactly as Coward left it, complete with two grand pianos on which he composed some famous tunes. Seeing all his belongings and the place he lived and wrote is a big thrill for his fans, but the place is delightful even for those who don't know him because of the spectacular coastal views. Coward is buried in the garden under a simple marble gravestone and there is a statue of him in the grounds. A wonderful tourist attraction, Firefly is actually slightly off the beaten track by Jamaican standards; the fact that it is seldom crowded adds to its charm. The little museum earns rave reviews from those who visit and its amazing location has made it a popular wedding venue. There is a small bar at Firefly, so you can enjoy a drink while admiring the view.

Address: Port Maria

Telephone: (876) 974-5830

Opening times: Open Mondays to Thursdays, and Saturdays from 9am to 5pm

Admission: US$10