Rhodes Hall Plantation

Visitors who tire of Jamaica's beaches can head for its gorgeous countryside, to the beautiful estate of Rhodes Hall Plantation, a short distance east of Negril. Here guided horseback excursions give a glimpse of the magic and mystery of the Jamaican countryside, and you don't have to be an experienced rider to participate. Guides give some basic horsemanship tips and then take tourists off through the foothills, pointing out botanical wonders and regaling riders with stories and legends about local landmarks. The tours include riding through forests of banana and coconut palms, and along a beach to the Crocodile River, where hopefully groups can 'meet' one of the resident crocodiles. The riding tours last from half an hour to two hours, and are inclusive in the round-trip transportation from any hotel in the Negril area. Be sure to bring your swimming gear because the horses like to go into the sea and this is a wonderful part of the trip. There is a restaurant and a gift shop on the plantation. Children are welcome and will love this excursion, but only kids over six can ride. The Rhodes Hall Plantation is a truly lovely area and this activity is a wonderful means to explore many different Jamaican landscapes free from crowds of tourists.

E-mail: rhodes@cwjamaica.com

Website: www.jamplified.com/riding

Telephone: 957 6334, 957 6883