Mayfield Falls

The 22 mini-cascades and numerous swimming holes that make up the Mayfield Falls in the low-lying Dolphin Head Mountains make a memorable day trip from Negril. The falls are reached through an intriguing maze of country roads, and are difficult to find independently, so an organised tour is advised. Tours offer guided walks through bamboo-shaded cool water holes and splashing falls. It is essential to wear a swimsuit and to bring mosquito repellent; waterproof shoes are a bonus but tight-fitting sandals will also do the trick. Some parts of the walk through the area involve natural whirlpools; in others, blasts of water hit you from the rocks. There is an underwater cave to swim through, smooth rockslide areas and mini cliffs to dive from for the adventurous. This natural water park is edged and overhung with bamboo, flowers, vines, trees and shrubbery. Jamaican dishes are available at the eatery at the entry point and you can order your meals before setting off. There are also a number of stalls selling souvenirs and crafts at the end of the trail. There is quite a lot of climbing and clambering required on this trip so it isn't suitable for the elderly or disabled. You will get wet so be careful with your cameras!

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