Mount Kinabalu

Mount Kinabalu rises from the Kinabalu National Park at an impressive 13,500-foot (4,101m), the highest mountain between the white peaks of the Himalayas and those of New Guinea. Despite its formidable height, it is a comparatively easy climb that has been enjoyed by tourists of varying ages and fitness levels and takes two to three days, depending on how you want to tackle it. Most people spend a night at Laban Rata before mounting the summit - Laban Rata is actually the name of a big hostel which caters to hikers, but it is also generally used as the name for the area where people rest for the night. From the rest camp it is a three to four hour hike up to the summit; if you want to watch the sunrise from the top - a magical experience - then you should aim to leave very early, between 2am and 3am. There is some weird and wonderful vegetation on the trail ascending the mountain through the jungle and the views from the top are astounding. Hikers should be aware that although the summit can be reached without any special equipment or technical climbing skills, some people may experience the dizziness and shortness of breath associated with altitude sickness. Climbing Mount Kinabalu is an extremely rewarding experience and one of the top activities in Malaysia.

Website: www.sabahparks.org

Telephone: +60 88 486 430/2

Transport: The park is on the minibus route from Kota Kinabalu to Ranau.