Giant Wheel

Giant Wheel in Vienna, Austria  © Thomas Ledl
Giant Wheel in Vienna, Austria © Thomas Ledl

One of Vienna's most recognisable landmarks, the Giant Wheel is located in a large wooded park and playground known as the Prater. It was built in 1897 by an English engineering firm and is the only one of its era still standing (the Ferris wheels in Chicago, London, Blackpool and Paris have long since been destroyed). The wheel with its 15 gondolas takes twenty minutes to manoeuvre around and offers magnificent panoramic views of the city. Cautious visitors need not worry about the age of the Giant Wheel - it has been very well maintained over the decades! This is a fun attraction for the whole family and will delight children.

Address: Prater 90

Website: www.wienerriesenrad.com

Telephone: (0)1 729 5430

Opening times: Open daily but hours vary seasonally, see website for details.

Admission: €9.50 (adults), €4 (children 3-14), concessions available.