Fort Hamilton

Fort Hamilton is a substantial Victorian fort with a panoramic view of Hamilton Harbour. It is one in a series of fortifications built in the mid-19th century during a period of rising tensions between Britain and the USA. The ramparts are mounted with 18-ton artillery pieces (to date unused) capable of firing 400-pound (181kg) cannonballs through iron-hulled vessels. Located nearby is Clarence Cove, a popular little beach that forms part of Admiralty House Park. The house itself dates from the early 19th century and was built as the residence of the Royal Navy's regional commander. Another military echo along North Shore Road, Black Watch Well, marked with a memorial tablet, was dug by troops of the famous Scottish regiment during a drought in 1849.

Address: Pembroke, Middle Road, Bermuda

Telephone: (441) 292 1234

Opening times: Fort open daily, from 8am to sunset

Admission: Free