Phnom Penh Transport


Phnom Penh has a limited public transport system, with no bus service. The city is relatively small and is easy to negotiate on foot but be aware at all times of personal safety and try not to display conspicuous wealth or walk alone at night as bag snatching is a problem. It can also be uncomfortable to walk in the midday heat. Unmetered taxis can usually be arranged through hotels. Bicycle rickshaws (cylos) are widely used, but are best for short distances only. Motorbike taxis are a popular option but can be dangerous. Possibly the best option for tourists is using the tuk-tuks, which are motorbikes with small cabins attached to the rear. The best way to spend a day sightseeing in Phnom Penh is to hire a tuk-tuk with an English-speaking driver to ferry you around for the day. If you find a good one, these drivers can double as city guides and give you a lot of insight into local history and culture. Fares should be negotiated beforehand. Car rental agencies are available but the roads are bad and the traffic can be hectic so driving yourself around can be confusing and frustrating.

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