Chilean Patagonia Climate & Weather

Chilean Patagonia Climate and Weather

Chilean Patagonia experiences much less severe weather conditions than one might think, with the east slope featuring a warmer climate than the west. Temperatures vary greatly depending on where exactly you are. In the extreme south of Chilean Patagonia the weather is moderated by its proximity to the ocean and small variety in temperature from season to season is experienced. The months of April and May are the wettest with reliable snowfall from June through until September. The depletion of the ozone layer over the South Pole is a growing concern and is thought to be the reason for blindness and skin cancer in sheep in the Tierra del Fuego. Travellers visiting Chilean Patagonia are advised to bring plenty of sunscreen, regardless of the time of year. As it is often wet, it is also a good idea to come prepared with waterproof gear no matter what the season.

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