What to see in Guilin

Guilin Attractions

This pretty and relatively small city is best known for its beautiful scenery and clear air. Things to see and do in Guilin therefore revolve mostly around caves, mountains, rock formations, rivers, lakes and gardens. The area is a photographers paradise and shutterbugs will be delighted by Guilin's scenic offering.

Boat rides and cruises are a popular way to navigate Guilin's picturesque areas and one of the most iconic sights is Elephant Trunk Hill (Xiangbishan) which is a large natural arch on the banks of the Li River that resembles an elephant bending down to drink. Like most places of interest in this tourist-orientated city, Elephant Trunk Hill is situated in a park which boasts numerous other attractions and amusements. Every effort has been made to enchant visitors, and the natural surroundings are breath-taking in their own right.

Guilin is also famous for its caves which are numerous and have impressive rock formations: try the Reed Flute Cave for a great hour-long tour through some of the area's most intriguing caves.

If travellers are willing to travel further afield, the Tianmen Mountain National Park is about a four hour drive from Guilin. Tianmen is one of the most impressive scenic areas in China and boasts multiple attractions. From Zhangjiajie, the city at the base of the mountain, visitors can take one of the longest cableways in the world up the peak. Once there, they have many trails, temples and walkways to explore, including the thrilling Walk of Faith - a transparent glass pavement built on the side of the mountain.

For a little bit of everything Guilin is famous for, it is worth visiting the Seven Star Park, which features a zoo with Giant Pandas and tigers, extensive gardens, caves, the famous Flower Bridge and Camel Hill, among other things. For art lovers, there is also the Guilin Art Park and the Guilin Arts Museum.

For shopping, browsing, and eating out, travellers can head to West Street (also aptly called Guilin Foreigner Street) for numerous restaurants, shops, stalls and cafes. This is a colourful, vibrant, friendly and multicultural area.

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