What to see in Hangzhou

Hangzhou Attractions

Hangzhou attracts flocks of travellers with its famed pastoral beauty, as immortalised by numerous poets and painters through the ages. Although picturesque scenery dominates the Hangzhou tourism circuit, attractions in the city are numerous and varied and visitors will have plenty to occupy them.

The list of things to see and do in Hangzhou is inevitably topped by West Lake. This area is a joy to explore and has countless attractions, both natural and cultural. If the weather is good, a bicycle ride around West Lake is the perfect introduction to the city. There are also many lovely parks (most with free admission) around West Lake; one of them is the Prince Bay Park which, although beautiful in any season, is astonishing in March and April when the tulips and cherry trees are blossoming.

Another attraction for those seeking out natural beauty in Hangzhou is the Lingyin-Felai Feng Scenic Area. This stunning forested and mountainous area provides the setting for Lingyin Temple, the Temple of the Soul's Retreat, which counts numerous sculptures carved into the mountain among its treasures.

Hangzhou is also full of interesting museums to visit, including the History Museum, the Hangzhou Lianzhu Cultural Museum and the National Tea Museum. The area is famous for its green tea and, apart from the museum, travellers may want to visit the Hangzhou Longjingshan Tea Cultural Village where they can be taught how to make and serve tea using traditional methods.

Travellers more interested in simply enjoying the tea, and various other culinary treats, should visit Hefang Street, a delightful old Chinese pedestrian shopping street bustling with shops and stalls. This street offers all the usual touristy stock, but also has a few charming restaurants and teahouses.

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