Hangzhou Transport


Like many cities in China, a good way to get around in Hangzhou is by bicycle. A public bike system is available, giving travellers access to bikes located across the city for a small fee, plus a deposit.

Buses are another good way to get around the city, as the networks are extensive. However, all signage is in Chinese. There are several kinds of buses operating in the city, with tourists preferring the routes prefixed with a 'Y'. A limited, but expanding metro system operates in the city and some of the surrounding suburbs.

Taxis are also available. The bright turquoise city taxis are easily spotted on the streets, and are more reliable than those offered by touts at tourist spots. Few drivers speak English, however, so travellers should have their destination written down or be able to point it out on a map. Visitors in Hangzhou are not advised to drive, as the traffic is known to be chaotic and road signs confusing.

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