What to see in Kunming

Kunming Attractions

Although parts of Kunming are industrial and unattractive, its dramatic setting among limestone hills makes it special. Its tourist attractions are varied and impressive.

Jiuxiang Scenic Area tops many travel itineraries, given that it's packed with natural phenomena that it could easily occupy visitors for a day or more. Jiuxiang has a magical subterranean world made up of more than 100 caves, as well as cliff paintings that date back to the Qin and Han dynasties. It also has several waterfalls and 'stone forests': striking limestone formations eroded over centuries to look like frozen trees. The Stone Forest of Shilin has the most impressive examples of these rather eerie formations.

Travellers who want to venture off the beaten track should head to the Dongchuan Red Land in Huashitou Country. Although the area's lack of infrastructure can make travel less comfortable, the landscapes are unspoiled, colourful and startlingly beautiful.

Yuantong Temple is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Kunming. This active, beautiful Buddhist temple's history spans over 1 000 years. Green Lake is a popular park and lakeside area for relaxation, exercise and leisurely strolls.

Otherwise, Kunming has many malls, cinemas, shopping streets and entertainment complexes.

Jiuxiang Scenic Area

The Jiuxiang Scenic Area near Kunming is only 7.7 square miles (20km sq) but packs a big punch in terms of important sights with five very popular tourist attractions: Diehong Bridge, Alu Long, Dasha…

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Stone Forest

The Stone Forest of Shilin, about two hours' drive from Kunming, is a breathtaking and eerie landscape which is a must-see for tourists in the area. It is called a forest because the limestone pillars…

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Yuantong Temple

Unsurprisingly, the ancient Yuantong Temple in Yunnan Province, with its unique setting and architecture, is easily one of the most popular tourist attractions in Kunming. The temple is…

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