Being both a city of historical importance and a modern hub of activity, Xi'an has plenty to offer visitors young and old. The city is a treasure trove of antiques, keepsakes, and cultural mementos, particularly in the areas in and around tourist attractions, such as the Giant Wild Goose Pagoda in southern Xi'an.

The main shopping district in Xi'an is the Bell Tower Commercial District, which comprises North Street, South Street, East Street, and West Street. This area is home to a number of shopping malls and modern commercial centres. Parkson Mall on West Street is a particular favourite; not only does it have a beautiful architectural design, it is also leads directly to the Muslim Quarter, which is home to a culturally unique range of merchandise and foodstuffs.

Travellers in Xi'an hoping to pick up a souvenir or two should browse the historic Shuyuan Gate, Antique Market, or Peasant Painting Gallery, the latter of which offers visitors a range of artwork including tapestries, calligraphy, and paintings.

Customers are expected to haggle in Xi'an, especially in its many markets and roadside shops. Visitors are advised to be friendly but firm to avoid being ripped off. In the city's more established and modern stores, however, fixed prices apply and bargaining is not an option.

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