What to see in Santo Domingo

Santo Domingo Attractions

Santo Domigo has an array of historical and natural attractions to suit even the most discerning traveller. Santo Domingo is right on the Caribbean Sea, but still, this isn't a beach town. Instead, you should spend some time at historically significant sites like the Catedral Primada de América or the Fortaleza Ozama.

Visitors should also allot an hour or two for the architecturally significant and visually awesome Columbus Lighthouse which now houses the alleged remains of Christopher Columbus. And then there's the nocturnally significant Malecón, which some say is the best nightlife available in the Caribbean.

Whatever your tastes, Santo Domingo is both big enough to entertain for days and small enough to cover in a solid day of sightseeing and cultural exploring. With plenty of attractions to entertain and amaze for the whole family, the diversity of the city is really shown with varying sights, from the natural beauty of the Los Tres Ojos National Park to the historical splendour of the Colonial Zone of Santo Domingo.

Boca Chica

A popular escape from city life is provided by the small seaside town of Boca Chica, a 25-minute drive east of Santo Domingo on the Avenida de las Americas. The resort was developed by a wealthy industrialist…

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Cathedral of Santa Maria

Inside the Colonial City stands the oldest cathedral in the western hemisphere, consecrated in 1541 and still used to this day. Its mix of late-Gothic and Renaissance elements provide a beautiful example…

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Colonial City

The historic enclave of Santo Domingo, known as the Colonial City, covers only one square mile (3 sq km), but inside the walls are dozens of historical buildings and sites, including palaces, forts,…

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Columbus Lighthouse Monument

The monument was built on the eastern shore of the Ozama River in the early 1990s, to commemorate both Santo Domingo's status as the oldest European city in the Americas, and the 500th anniversary…

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Los Tres Ojos National Park

The 'Three Eyes' park, on the east bank of the Ozama River, is a surreal experience for visitors. The park is actually a series of huge natural caves on different levels, containing fresh water lagoons.…

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National Aquarium

About a mile east of the Columbus Lighthouse monument, is sited one of the better aquariums in the Caribbean. The aquarium contains a variety of marine life, from angelfish to sharks, and is equipped…

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Plaza de la Cultura

The vast green square in the heart of Santo Domingo serves as the city's cultural and artistic showcase, being fronted by a cluster of four museums, as well as housing the city's most important cultural…

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