What to see in Crete

Crete Attractions

Steeped in legends and a fascinating history and arguably boasting more attractions than any other Greek Island, sightseeing on Crete takes travellers through the ages and into the rich mythology of ancient Greece.

With so many places of historical interest it can be hard to decide what to see and do on Crete: highlights include the impressive Palace of Knossos; the Cave of Zeus - located on the slopes of Mount Ida, where legend decrees Rhea hid baby Zeus from Cronos; the Monastery of Arkadi just south of Rethymno; the remains of Gortyna, 28 miles (45km) from Heraklion; and the Palace complex of Phaistos in the south, which was destroyed by an earthquake in the late Bronze Age and later rebuilt. The Archaeological Museum and Historical Museum of Crete in Heraklion are also worth a visit.

The sun-drenched, sandy beaches on Crete aren't too shabby either and the surrounding scenery is breathtaking with beautiful mountains and gorges in the Samaria Gorge National Park in Chania that any hiker will simply adore. On the east of the island, the tiny town of Sitia is worth a peek for its picturesque port, making a great place to stop for a lunch.


Gortyna is both a municipality in Greece and an archaeological site on Crete which was once the Roman capital of the…

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Heraklion Archaeological Museum

A visit to the Minoan palace at Knossos should be complemented with a visit to the wonderful Archaeological Museum in…

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Historical Museum of Crete

This museum deals with Crete's more modern history and highlights the islanders' long battle for independence from early…

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Monastery of Arkádhi

Situated about 14 miles (23km) south of Rethymnon, the Monastery of Arkádhi is something of a national Cretan…

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South of Heraklion lies Crete's second most important Minoan archaeological site, the Palace complex of Phaistos, considered…

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The Palace of Knossos

The Minoan palace at Knossos, covering an area of 215,278 square feet (20,000 sq metres), is one of the world's greatest…

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The Samaria Gorge

The Samaria Gorge National Park, in the White Mountains of western Crete, is said to be one of the most splendid scenic…

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